Leaders of Fabzen



Mr Mritunjay Kumar Yadav, the CEO of Fabzen Technologies, is one of the driving forces behind the fast-paced succession and growth of the company.

Once he realized the potential of Real-Money gaming in India and decided to create a gaming studio, Fabzen Technologies was born and has already made two highly successful games, Ludo Empire and Callbreak Empire, with many more on the way.

Mr Jay credits his success to the inspiration he has acquired from his father. He is a well-grounded all-rounder with vision and guile. He believes that free and equal education can allow our country to grow and succeed.

Chief Executive Officer

Mritunjay Kumar Yadav

Mritunjay Kumar Yadavshape
Kiran Kshape
Chief Human Resources Officer

Kiran K

Our CHRO, Mr Kiran K, with 13+ years of experience under his belt with the CEO's guidance, manages all the operations being worked on in the company. At Fabzen, Mr Kiran ensures that all tasks and plans are done in a smooth workflow and are done for Fabzen's success and growth.

He has an innate ability to utilise the resources on hand and successfully maintain stability and positivity in Fabzen's workplace.

Mr Kiran is a highly-focused multi-taskers that has a good rapport with everyone on our teams and helps them maintain and follow the vision and mission of the company.


As the Chief Financial Officer at Fabzen, Mr Shashi Kumar brings his 10+ years of experience in handling all financial activities of a company. Mr Shashi ensures that all shares, accounts and investments of Fabzen are maintained at the highest standards.

He is the centrepiece of the 360-degree management of the company's financial assets and ensures that Fabzen works with proper budgeting.

Mr Shashi's intellectual mind with a detail-oriented mindset helps ensure that all plans, advancements, and collaborations with stakeholders always lead to the profitable success of Fabzen.

Chief Financial Officer

Shashi Kumar

Shashi Kumarshape
Pravallika Balarangaiahshape
Chief Business Coordinator

Pravallika Balarangaiah

Ms Pravalika Balarangaiah, Chief Business Coordinator at Fabzen, is responsible for ensuring and overseeing the communications between separate departments to maintain a smooth workflow.

She is the point of contact for all the teams and their effective decisions, monitors team progress, identifies the shortcoming happening and proposes their improvement and new ideas that can be implemented for Fabzen's growth.

Ms Pravalika is an excellently dedicated, hard-working individual who is apt at multitasking, managing and prioritising all tasks and encourages cooperation in everyone.


Mr Arun Pandey joined us as our CTO with an experience of 12+ years working in multiple roles, he is focused on strengthening delivery quality and productivity.

He has strong knowledge and hold of all technological trends in the gaming industry and a problem-solving aptitude who always supports and motivates his team and leads them towards the best results.

Mr Arun is an aspiring team player who understands Fabzen’s needs and vision and how to take it there. He is someone who, while enjoying the present, also keeps an eye towards the future.

Chief Technology Officer

Arun Pandey

Arun Pandeyshape
Lead - Unity Developer and Frontend

Ajay Birla

Mr Ajay Birla as the Lead - Unity Developer and Frontend at Fabzen brings his 12+ years of experience as a software engineer with proficiency in developing and delivering perfected, high-quality games.

He using his extensive knowledge and a multitude of skill sets in game development has always worked on leading his team towards new ideas and growth. He puts his all into everything he does and is always open to any new thinking, for he looks for growth in everything.

Mr Ajay is a hardcore team player and highly purpose-oriented, and he, with his dynamic team of developers, is always looking for new ideas for Fabzen's success.