Fabzen is an ISO Certified Brand

Fabzen is an
ISO Certified Brand

We are commited to our users to ensure the security and safety of their information.

Fabzen is among the 10 most promising fantasy gaming companies in 2022

Fabzen Technologies got featured in the cover story of Magazine for bringing highly interactive games into the Indian gaming market.

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Ludo Empire

World's first ever Ludo game to change the legendary ludo game to a skill based game. Here, numbers don't matter, your move matters.

Callbreak Empire

Experience a seamless, secure and smooth Callbreak game with an intuitive user interface. This is not just another "Callbreak" game. We bring new ideas accompanied by the best experience any card player would love to have.

Cricket Empire

Transform your love, passion & understanding of the game of Cricket to create the winning team of your dreams.

Quiz Empire

A real money quiz game which tests your general knowledge and the things you learned in your school days. Easy questions with a twist. Easy hai aur mazedaar bhi.

Empire Games


Ludo Empire is a multiplayer live gaming platform where various players compete each day to top the leaderboard. Now, enjoy the most played Indian board game on your phone with live opponents online. With the "fair play" feature the luck part of the game has been eliminated making this a completely skill-based Ludo game. With the "Counter Mode" enjoy a much faster gameplay. Ludo Empire is the ideal app for a seamless Ludo experience. Pick your game mode and engage in a fun board game of skill and top the leaderboard.

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Callbreak Empire is a live multiplayer game version of the all-time popular card game called Callbreak. Callbreak is a strategic trick-based card game played by four players with a standard deck of 52 playing cards. The game is very similar to other trick-based games, especially Spades. It is a turn-based strategic game, where all the players get 13 cards, in each round. Our Callbreak app uses a clockwise turn. Callbreak Empire provides the smoothest real time online gaming experience.

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India's love for cricket knows no bounds. The passion runs through the nation's blood & pulse. Cricket Empire is more than just a simple game of cricket. It's a revolution in the way real money cricket games are played. Get together with family & friends, show your raw emotions towards the game, pick your dream team & and watch the games pan out in your favor to win exciting rewards.

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Put your mind to test on various subjects ranging from simple Science questions to History trivia on Quiz Empire. Test your ability to think logically and intelligently in this brand new, most comprehensive & easy to play multiplayer quiz platform where various players compete each day to win real money.

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In India, the number of investments in the stock market is growing like wildfire. Stock11 is a gamification app that enables users to participate in Stock market contests, based on live market metrics, with a bare minimum deposit. Now, have the Indian Dalal street at the palm of your hands & earn money. Stock11 is a great way for beginners to learn about the Indian stock market, as well as for prospective investors to check their stock market knowledge without burning a hole in their pockets.

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Founded by cloud-certified programmers, CloudZenia aspires to introduce hundreds of exceptional solutions to make technology effortless for brand new businesses. We are a team of brilliant service providers who empower small and medium-sized startups to convert to cloud-based technology. We have helped hundreds of new businesses grow into well-established firms by providing our bleeding-edge solutions at very affordable rates.

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