Evolution of Real Money Games in India

22th May 2023, {Reading Time : 5 Minutes}

Be it as a child or an adult, playing and enjoying games has always been a part of people's life.

As India develops and proceeds, the integration of technology in the everyday lives of everyone has also reached a higher peak, due to which the reach of the gaming sector has grown heavily, with online gaming being India's fastest-growing gaming sector.

With the industry growing, several sectors of it have been emerging and shown to have tremendous scope for growth, one such sector is the RMG (Real Money Gaming) sector, where the real money is utilized to play, win and lose in virtual games.

The Progress of the Indian Real Money Gaming Sector

progress of indian RMG

The RMG sector has recently been seen to have a gradual growth in the industry mostly due to the high availability of affordable smartphones, the penetration of the internet in the county and the introduction of various RMG platforms with the credibility of being safe and secure.

Indian gamers have always been eager and open to spending money on content that gives them good engagement and entertainment. It has reached the point that gamers realising the countless prospects present in this field have already started to proclaim gaming as a profession for them to earn real cash and make a living.

With the pandemic of 2019, the world's progress towards digitalization, leading to the integration of smartphones and the internet into the everyday lives of just about everyone in the world, speed up. The boredom that most people stuck in their homes experienced due to the lockdown in the world pushed over the popularity count of the RMG industry and its games peaked even higher than ever before.

The Skepticism of the Public about Real Money Games

skepticism of the public

With the emergence of more and more real money games in the industrial market, any game developing/publishing company to establish a reasonable growth rate for themselves would require to exercise a lot of trust building to ensure that they feel at ease in the gaming community.

People in the past generally have been a little skeptical of the gaming sector, its growth and its importance as a whole, especially in the field of real money games. As, with the involvement of money in the games there seemed to be a bit of uncertainty and instability bringing a lack of faith and trust in the people.

With the government's initiative to involve themselves in this sector, RMG, in recent years, the people's view of it has started to shift a little. They have begun to see the gaming sector as something a little more serious than just a base of recreational goods.

Even with the government's support in the RMG sector, the public's opinion still has a little distrust in any such games for the possibility of some of them being tricky or fraudulent games made to steal people's money. To reassure the public about the stability and safety of any of these games, there have been several laws and regulations put in place to prevent any such activity from happening. ensuring them that the games are safe and secure for them to engage and play with.

People have adapted and adopted the idea of digital payments, with the high-speed increase in the widespread growth in digitalization creating extraordinary opportunities for online gaming companies, especially in the RMG gaming sector, causing there to be no barrier in the entry of new players in the gaming industry.

The Credibility of Real Money Games

credibility of RMG

The onboarding of new players requires for one's ability to stand out in the market against thousands of other games. It's not just the marketing of the games that bring new players to them but also the showcase of the credibility of these games, especially for real money games, due to the doubt that surrounds them in public.

The attainment of credibility for real money games involves them offering themselves to the evaluation of their gaming platforms and proving and presenting themselves to be true and trustable.

The most widely known certificates of verification that offer a real money game the highest credibility are the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and the RNG (Random Number Generator) certificates.

The ISO certificate provides the promise that game is highly adept at maintaining high-quality safety, security and maintenance of their players' information, removing the doubt and fear of their information, data, etc., being stolen, damaged or stolen for wrongful or unlawful uses.

The RNG certificate, on the other hand, establishes the randomness and unpredictability of the gameplay as such, there being no bot present or anyone's control over the outcome of the game.

What the Future of Real Money Games looks like in India?

future RMG in india

With the credibility of real money games in India stabilizing and increasing, the crowd on it also keeps increasing and the industry growing staggeringly. The future of real money games seems to be bright and fruitful, with the continuous success and growth of innovative and adaptive game development companies.

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