Emerging Trends in the Gaming Industry 2024

Published Date : 23 Jan 2024

The gaming industry is a dynamic ecosystem that has been repeatedly evolving. It has been massively heightening its growth throughout the world, with approximately 3.09 billion active video game players. In India, almost 50 Crore people are involved in playing games. The gaming market is observed to be growing by 27% every year. In order to thrive in this industry, one needs to stay updated with the gaming trends that are about to, or are currently lighting up the whole gaming industry. As AI (Artificial intelligence) has been taking over the entire technology sector, its influence can be greatly noticed in the gaming sector as well, resulting in modifying the trending games over the past years.

Hence, it is not easy to predict the trend in gaming, as it keeps changing. In this industry, trends can be summarised as short-term and long-term trends due to their ever-changing nature.

Taking long-term gaming trends into concern, the emergence of technology has made a huge impact on the gaming industry. The most emerging tools and trends that will bloom in this industry in the upcoming time are VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality).

Virtual Reality (VR)

The illusion of being a part of the game or the 3D experience in the game creates a virtual reality for the players. This can be experienced through lenses, creating an interactive gaming experience overall. In the future, the gaming industry will be highly impacted by VR, attracting audiences or players on a wider scale.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Unlike Virtual Reality, AR doesn't take the players to another world but creates the gameplay reality in their existing world. Augmented reality is created in the players' space without hindering their vision. It enables the creation of new things in the existing space, putting on an illusion of them being a part of life.

AR and VR enhance the gaming experience to some other level, enabling the players to withstand and sense the game as a part of their real life. These trends are foreseen to continue, steering the growth of the gaming industry in 2024 as well as in the future. Moreover, the coalition of AR and VR in online gaming in India appears to be majorly influencing the gaming industry as players get a chance to experience such amusing real-life gameplay from their comfort.

Immersive Controllers and Haptic Feedback

With the advancement of technology, tools like immersive controllers and haptic feedback come up with the inkling of players to merge with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Haptic feedback creates sensations like vibrations and movements to make the gameplay feel more realistic. It is with the help of these controllers, that the gaming industry seems to bloom in the upcoming few years as it integrates technology with games.

Generative AI in Gaming

Generative AI is developed with the ability to create characters incorporating human intelligence that can interact with and understand the players according to their behavioural traits. The use of artificial intelligence in gaming helps generate gaming characters with a like-minded human mentality that are responsive in nature. Generative AI will maximise and help the gaming industry expand in the forthcoming years. Hence, in 2024, generative AI will start to leave a huge impact on the gaming industry, making it a top gaming trend.

5G Connectivity and Mobile Gaming

With the spread of high-speed 5G internet connectivity, gaming will be seen to become much smoother on mobile phones. As 5G offers a fast-speed internet network, it will get much easier for the audience to avail games and play them with a low lagging and ping rate. Online gaming requires a certain level of high-speed internet connectivity to avoid delays and lags, resulting in trouble-free performance. Thus, with the advancement of the internet connection through 5G, the gaming industry tends to evolve and surge to heights by 2025.

Cross-Platform Gaming

Players from different parts of the world, with different gaming platforms or video game hardware, can play and interact with each other by dealing with the same online game servers. Cross-platform gaming facilitates the opportunity for more people to enter the gaming industry as players are set free to log in from whichever hardware is available to them and play with people worldwide. This easy-access service oversees to welcome and entertain more players in the gaming industry.

Future of Gaming in 2024

While we go ahead with the future of gaming, it is safe to say that gaming is the future; not only in India but throughout the world. There is a huge rise of gamers expected throughout the world because of prevailing true-to-life gaming services and unifying technology with the gaming industry. The number of gamers is expected to grow to 3.32 billion in 2024 and in impending years all over the world. Moreover, the elevated prevailing competition among game developers will result in driving forward the gaming industry, improving the overall spectrum. It can be demonstrated that the world will soon witness the gaming industry entertaining a huge percentage of people all across the globe, laying out entertainment, incomes, innovations, and evolutions.

This is just a small piece of information about the gaming industry, there is still a lot more left to explore and know about this huge sector. To know more about it, or for any query to be cleared, refer to our other Fabzen Technologies' blogs to avail of every information you seek on the gaming industry.