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about fabzen

Fabzen Technologies Private Limited is an IT company that focuses on quality mobile gaming application development and innovative brand awareness marketing. Fabzen started with the vision of creating a unique and ingenious gaming platform for people worldwide and bringing about more joy into the world with its games and contributing tremendously towards the growth of the gaming and tech industry.

Fabzen works towards bringing people together to build a fabulous future for everyone with a touch of playfulness, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. The Fabzen Team consists of a talented and diverse group of Gamers, Developers, Creative Experts, Publishers, Cloud Programmers, Designers, etc. Fabzen is currently one of the leading game development studios engaged in creating beautiful, out-of-the-box ideated, entertaining games.

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Revenue for 22-23 in Cr.

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Our Work Culture

Unity in Diversity fabzen unity

Fabzen comprises a team of young, skilled, and dynamic professionals acclaimed from all over India. We are an equal-opportunity, non-discriminatory employer in the gaming and tech sector, making Fabzen one of the fastest-growing gaming-inclusive companies in the industry.

Friendly Work fabzen friendly work environmentEnvironment

Our friendly work culture makes it possible for our employees to connect on a personal level. Our employees have a degree of freedom and space to work in their way. Having a diverse workforce enables us to respect and work with new perspectives and ideas, making an innovative and vibrant workspace.

Learning Opportunities fabzen learning Opportunities

Fabzen gives professionals and freshers several exciting opportunities and exposure to working with industry stalwarts. It presents a great workplace to grow a career and learn and update their knowledge about bleeding-edge tech tools and best industry practices.

Benefits fabzen benifits

Fabzen recognizes the value of hard work and appreciates it. To keep the workplace motivated and employees feel appreciated, Fabzen presents plenty of additional perks and benefits, including healthcare benefits, performance-based bonuses, an employee of the year award, and many more.