Ludo Empire

India's Fastest Growing Skill Based Ludo Game
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About Ludo Empire.

Ludo Empire is a multiplayer live gaming platform where various players compete each day to top the leaderboard. The most played board game is now available to play on your phone with live opponents online. With the 'Fair Play' feature the luck part of the game has been eliminated making this a completely skill-based Ludo game. With the 'Counter Mode' enjoy a much faster gameplay. Ludo Empire is the ideal app for a seamless Ludo experience. Pick your game mode and engage in a fun board game of skill and top the leaderboard.

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Immersive Experience
  • Enjoy a seamless & riveting gaming experience by competing against lakhs of live players to win money.
  • Choose from a wide range of battles starting from just Rs.10/-.

Special In-game Features
  • Play Ludo Empire on-the-go by taking part in our brand new ‘Counter Mode', which enables you to finish a game in just 10 minutes.

Exciting Tournaments
  • Win regularly to climb the daily, weekly and monthly leaderboards.
  • Top the leaderboards to win a ton of cash.

Hassle-free & Transparent
  • Our Fair play feature makes sure that each player shares each other's numbers after 5 initial turns. This way you can plan your moves to victory, It's not about luck anymore.
  • Our partnerships with India's leading digital payment systems assures instant payout.